Kestrel Telecom Limited
Our Products
Our major product is the Hawk Concentrator,  which is an analog telephone concentrator able to connect to normal telephones, telephone exchanges or magneto telephones.
It offers a secure key-and-lamp interface so that the operator can be quite sure which telephone is in use.
This a 14-line wall-mounting HMI. This can be supplied with a bracket for shelf mounting too.
This is the 14-line desk key-and-lamp HMI (human machine interface) .  The Hawk can work up to 60 circuits.
The Hawk control system for up to 30 circuits is built into a wallbox roughly one foot square, and about five inches deep.

We also make
“Come to Phone“
signs for installation within the confines of underground train tunnels.
A typical wallbox installed in a signalbox relay room.